Hej! Hi! Hallo!

I'm an artist/musician working with communication, marketing and graphic design but also as a singer, songteacher and composer.

Are you a musician, small company, organisation, artist,... I can help you with making posters, advertisements, promotion materials. Under 'graphic' you'll find my portfolio of materials I've made last few years.

As a singer and composer, I play in a duo called Bass & Flowers where we play and sing own composed folk music and some old songs in our own way.
I'm also giving singing workshops where we focus on the love of singing together with a repertoire from all over the world. Check out at 'music' chapter of this site!

I'm up for more freelance jobs with the things mentioned above, so don't hesitate to contact me for any project!

Happy times! See you around!



Evelyne Lauwers

0046 (0)769 337 338

evelynelauwers @ gmail .   com

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